Al Bahn



Mr. Albert Bahn is a former Director of Campus Safety for a private college in the San Francisco North Bay. He is also a former high school administrator, a licensed private investigator and Safety and Security Consultant. Mr. Bahn is a certified instructor in the A.L.I.C.E. Armed Intruder Response Protocol.  Mr. Bahn began his law enforcement career in 1979 at Juvenile Hall in San Francisco California, after graduating from San Francisco State University with a degree in Social Work. Mr. Bahn subsequently became a police officer with the City of Napa Police Department. Mr. Bahn served as a S.W.A.T. Officer, Hostage Negotiator, Detective, and Patrol Field Training Officer. 

Following his retirement as a Police Sergeant, Mr. Bahn became a Social Studies teacher, and a year later, an administrator responsible for discipline and safety on a campus of 2500 students. Through this experience, he learned that there were serious deficiencies in school safety policies and procedures, despite the presence of gangs, weapons and intoxicating substances on campuses daily. In addition, when serious incidents occurred on campus, administrators often were not adequately prepared to respond, to and, investigate these incidents. 

Mr. Bahn has conducted Physical Security Risk Assessments for California schools for the last decade and enhances these assessments with his in-depth knowledge of the Active Shooter realm. 

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