Douglas Fitzgerald


As a nationally recognized leader in the design and integration of security, life safety, data network and communications systems, Mr. Fitzgerald has earned accolades as a security and countermeasures planner due to his innovative approaches and solutions. He has more than 25 years’ experience in physical and electronic security, diplomatic protection, and the design of SCIF and secure voice/data facilities, security policies and procedures, and tactical training and operations. 

Mr. Fitzgerald has currently been directly involved in development of the following ANSI/ISO/ASIS standards for global implementation in the maritime environment; Quality Assurance and Management for Private Security Companies Operating at Sea; Supply Chain Risk Management Standards; Auditing Management Systems for Risk, Resilience, Security and Continuity Management Maturity Model for Phased Implementation of a Quality Assurance Management System for Private Security Providers. These Standards will have a profound impact of port and maritime security environment and serve as both best application practices and compliance certification baselines around the world. 

Mr. Fitzgerald’s extensive background of securing American Embassies around the world and implementing anti-terrorism and counter-terrorism protection in government facilities nationally and internationally provides him an understanding of security issues on a global level. While serving in the Department of State’s worldwide security enhancement program, he completed the security analysis and countermeasures design for 67 American embassies; more than 25 embassies and consulates for a NATO allied country, and 6 American and NATO military facilities. His background includes physical and electronic security, and countermeasures planning and design for 3 presidential palaces, 25 educational facilities, 40 jail/prison facilities, 39 courthouses, 12 major medical facilities, 6 museums, 2 State Capitols, and 32 federal, state and local government facilities. 

Mr. Fitzgerald is unrivaled in his ability to match the appropriate available technology with the degree of sophistication needed for threat reduction. This reflects his concern for effectiveness, life cycle cost and operational implications, as well as the initial capital costs. He is involved in all aspects of the planning and designing of security and communications systems. He has produced designs for fully integrated secure teleconferencing systems, touch screen systems, graphic human/machine interfaces, automated process controls, evidence presentation equipment and networks, intrusion detection and biometric access control along with access denial systems in a wide variety of projects. 

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