Eric Moore


Eric Moore's lengthy federal career has primarily focused on Physical Security.  Eric was with Federal Protective Service for over 9 years.  In that time he rose through the ranks to Area Commander, which included West L.A. and Arizona.  

During this time he was also Senior Fire Arms Instructor, Defensive Tactics Instructor, Taser Instructor, Use of Force Instructor, Contracting Officer Representative, and Physical Security Specialist.  Eric was then selected to be a Senior Instructor for the Federal Protective Service-Physical Security Training Program located at The Federal Law Enforcement Training Center.  This program instructed all graduates in Physical Security, Certified Alarm Technician (level 1), Video System Technician (level 1), and a proprietary system used by inspectors to conduct physical security assessments.  Eric also received certifications from FBI (Physical Security Course), USACE (Electronic Systems Design), FLETC (IP Camera, Recovery of Evidence from CCTV) and was certified by Electronic Security Association (ESA) Instructor for Certified Alarm Technician and Video Systems Technician.  Eric continues to work in Physical Security for the federal government.

Eric is also a veteran of the United States Marine Corps.  He was with his units for two deployments to Iraq with 1/5 Bravo Company as a rifleman.  Eric was awarded a Purple Heart for wounds received during combat.

Eric holds a B.S. in Criminal Justice with Management Focus from University of Phoenix.  Eric is also a member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).  

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