Melanie Farrell



Melanie Farrell is a Navy Veteran having served from 1992 to 1995 in Norfolk VA, as a VC-6 Seaborne Powered Target Pilot (SEPTAR Pilot) for the QST-33 (Drone) as well as 1st Mechanic and 1st Technician. 

As a SEPTAR Pilot for the U.S. Navy, Melanie was a key member in several QST-33 anti-terrorist operations conducted in Chesapeake Bay, and participated in several Joint Terrorism Task Force exercises in Guantanamo Bay Cuba, And Mayport, FL, and the Intercoastal Waterway, Newbern NC. These anti-terrorist operations were designed to train the fleet to identify and prevent potential terrorist suicide attacks by small craft. 

Currently, Melanie serves as a risk management and threat mitigation professional with over twenty years of experience in law enforcement and physical security. Melanie has a proven ability to provide expert guidance on the protection of over 800 facilities across the nation ranging from single standalone offices, to major defense complexes as well as houses of worship and educational campuses.  Her expertise in the securing of critical assets, technical security systems, and cyber networks allows her to easily, and accurately, instruct various audiences on the necessary security countermeasures required to protect the sectors that underpin American society. 

Melanie has completed specialized training in law enforcement, threat assessment, and hazardous materials to include: Advanced Physical Security Training, Advanced Threat Assessment Training, WMD/Terrorism Awareness for Emergency Responders, SEMTEX-Seminars on Terrorism and Explosives, as well as, Sexual Assault Investigation and Media Relations.  

This breadth of experience in leadership, operations, media and specialized training has allowed her to successfully oversee facility security assessment programs, physical security countermeasure improvement projects, develop occupant emergency plans for high risk facilities, design and deliver tenant security awareness, and finally, assist with special security event planning activities. 

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