Active Assailant- Workplace Violence -Training and Drills

Are you Active Shooter Ready?


An options based Active Shooter Plan and Training program is recommended and should be practiced on a regular basis to mitigate risk and casualties.  Providing a "lockdown" only option for building occupants is no longer acceptable and has been proven time and again to increase casualties.  Providing additional options such as evacuate or adding noise, movement and distraction techniques can improve odds of survival. 

Tailored Training and Drills for your Organization.


Certified Security Professionals will come to your site and conduct awareness seminars followed by practice drills for Active Shooter, Earthquake, Fire or other hazards you may face.  Preparing for a crisis with classroom AND hands-on drills is recommended to support the proper reaction under stress. 

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Workplace Violence Prevention


According to OSHA Workplace violence is any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site. It ranges from threats and verbal abuse to physical assaults and even homicide. It can affect and involve employees, clients, customers and visitors. Homicide is currently the fourth-leading cause of fatal occupational injuries in the United States. 

BAR Provides prevention, mitigation and management training to minimize your risk.